The Panelists

Eric Normington - Headshot 2015Eric Normington

Eric Normington is a freelance writer, director and actor making a living in Los Angeles. He’s done some commercials and bits on a few TV shows. As a married cisgendered heterosexual male breeder, Eric’s biggest accomplishments are his three wonderful children and being in this show. His first short film I Love You, Dad ( is currently doing the festival circuit where it has screened at the Irvine IFF and The American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase in Cannes. Other than that, he’s openly work-curious and very willing to fulfill your every opportunity.





Amy Claire - Headshot 2015Amy Claire

Amy Claire was raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  At an early age, her father started calling her his little “RAP”: Redneck American Princess.  Amy has a strong background in improv and sketch comedy and also a degree in theatre, which allows her to secretary in her free time.  Someone once asked Amy why she liked doing stand-up comedy.  With her ever constant Pinot Grigio on ice in hand, she blurted out, “Because I get excited when it’s my turn to talk.”  Amy did a quick stint on Last Comic Standing but competitions aren’t really her thing because of that whole winning/losing thing. Amy has opened for Josh Wolf, Liam Sullivan, and Dana Carvey, which was the dreamiest dreamy night ever.  She loves college football and is kind of gifted with animals.